Hoedjesdag 2022 Algemeen Dagblad

Behind the scenes... If only it was hat day every dayEveryone will marvel at the parade of hats again tomorrow on Prince's Day (Budget Day). But why, oh why, don't we put on a hat every day? Three enthusiasts on beauty and utility. ,,Perfect for a badhairday.'''When I was about 30 years old, I often … Lees verder Hoedjesdag 2022 Algemeen Dagblad

Publicatie Telegraaf 17/09/2022

(English below) Er is nog leven na pensioen... There is life after retirement...My first grey hair…Got it at the age of 30. By the age of 40, I had an awful lot of it. The hairdresser had to put in more and more lowlights to cover it, so at one point I just decided to … Lees verder Publicatie Telegraaf 17/09/2022