Publicatie Telegraaf 11/07/2019

Sorry, een oudje geplaatst om mijn pers portfolio compleet te maken.
(English text below)

Do you feel your age?
I feel 50, and it’s not because the last measurement indicated that’s my metabolic age. Since I sold my business I am officially retired, which means I now have much more time to exercise consciously. I am a member of a wonderful gym (Caesar Sport in The Hague) where I can be found about five times a week. I do bodypump, aqua aerobics and yoga (yin and hatha). Sometimes I go to the Löyly sauna after class. Lovely! I notice that it gives me energy. I also try to walk about 5 km every day. This also makes you feel good and move smoothly, which also makes you feel younger. Of course I do notice when I have had a lot of (cozy) appointments, that I am more tired in the evening than I used to be. But then that’s also nice about getting older: I give in to that without feeling guilty about it.

Do you have any beauty secrets?
I have never smoked, but I have naturally very dry skin. Lubrication is my motto. Of course, I try to drink a lot of water, but I find that very difficult because I just forget to do that sometimes. I always clean my face before I go to bed – I really never skip it – and then lubricate. I also grease my hands before I go to bed. These are one of those rituals that sneak in. Every two or three weeks I have my hands groomed and nails painted at Soap Beauty Store. I love those little pampering moments. Oh yeah and never go out the door without lipstick. After all, you never know who you might run into!

Do people often estimate you by age?
I have been estimated younger all my life. Even now, but I have no illusions. I’ve let my hair grow out since a few years and yes those wrinkles… I’ve laughed a lot in my life, but also cried. I am proud of it. I do think I have enough wrinkles now, unfortunately. But then again, Mother Nature doesn’t care. So I try to laugh a lot. In the end, it’s all about your appearance and people never look at one specific beautiful or ugly thing in another person. Right?

What do you like about yourself?
My eyes. They have a special color. An indefinable gray-blue-green. When the sun shines they are bright green and seem to give off light; when the weather is gloomy they are light gray. I love the sun, but I just want to sit under an umbrella; you really do get a nice tan even then and my eyes light up even more as a result.

What are you less happy about?
I do wish I had thinner legs (both below and above). Any skirt, any dress looks nicer with slim legs. I was one of the first in 1969 to wear hotpants. I made it myself out of dark blue velvet with a wrap. I was 17 at the time and that was really the last time anyone saw me in shorts.

What do people compliment you on?
With my eyes and my clothing style. All my life I have loved beautiful clothes. Furthermore, I am very practical and almost always have a solution very quickly when a problem arises. I try to help others with that as well.

Are you where you wanted to be when you dreamed about ‘later’?
Until I was 16 I thought I would become an actress until a Dutch teacher scornfully remarked that with my voice that would never work. When I found out while studying MO English that I had far too little patience to be in front of the class, I got a typing and shorthand degree and started working in an office. I am a late bloomer because at 39 I started my wonderful business: two stores, a wholesale business and a web shop in tea. I unfortunately did not have a stable childhood due to circumstances, but I am glad that I have always gone my own way which makes me very positive in life. I have dear, special friends around me; I have been single for eight years; I enjoy every day. I am a happy person.

Do you have a life lesson you want to share?
Live consciously

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