Publicatie Margriet 37/2022

(English below)

Supertrots ben ik dat ik in uitgave nummer 37 van 18 augustus 2022 mag vertellen wat mijn eigen stijl is. Hieronder tref je het hele artikel aan.

Marion op Instagram: marions_mood

English text

In issue number 37 of 18 August 2022 of the Dutch women’s magazine Margriet, I was allowed to tell about my own style. Below you can find the the text of the article.

How I wear the trends: 4 women with their own style
It’s nice to be in fashion. But you have to feel good about what you wear. And it has to bring out the best in you. Janna, Resi, Marion and Roos are fashionable, but they do their own thing with it. And they radiate that.

Marion van den Blik (69) is single, owned the Betjeman & Barton tea shop until three years ago and runs the blog

“I used to wear black occasionally, but I stopped about ten years ago. I haven’t worn heels for a long time either. My style is mainly colourful and eye-catching. Because I’ve bought and kept beautiful clothes my whole life, I can still go back to them. Some of my clothes have become vintage. I still have pieces from Puck and Hans, for example; sometimes my entire salary used to go to them.”

“At the moment I like to wear long dresses, they swirl so nicely around you. I often wear wide linen trousers underneath. Malìparmi is my favourite brand, I buy it at Hof House of Fashion in The Hague or in Paris. I go there three times a year. I don’t buy really expensive brands, but they must be beautifully made. I prefer to shop at small retailers such as Black Luxury Fashion and NicoNico, I don’t begrudge them that. Actually, I dress very youthful, but in my head I’m still like that. This is the best time of my life.”

Marion on Instagram: @marions_mood.

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