Hoedjesdag 2022 Algemeen Dagblad

Behind the scenes…

If only it was hat day every day
Everyone will marvel at the parade of hats again tomorrow on Prince’s Day (Budget Day). But why, oh why, don’t we put on a hat every day? Three enthusiasts on beauty and utility. ,,Perfect for a badhairday.”’
When I was about 30 years old, I often wore a bowler hat and actually I still wear it. When I go to buy a new hat, I often have a different idea in my head, yet I always end up with the same model. Apparently it suits me well. When it comes to colours, I do vary. Orange, black, green: what I wear depends on the season and whether it suits my clothes. Some women cover themselves more and more in grey, dark blue or black as they get older, but in those colours you tend to fade into the background. I prefer bright shades and if I feel like even more colour, I’ll tie a scarf with a cheerful print around my head. That makes you happy, doesn’t it? Another good thing to know: a hat, beret or hairband also comes in handy during a bad hair day. When I think: oh, my hair doesn’t look good, I prefer to go out with a headgear.”

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